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By accessing or using (the Site), you agree to be bound by this agreement. Your use of the Site indicates that you accept the terms spelled out in this document.

Site description

The Site is intended for users aged 13 and up. By accessing the Site, you agree that you are at least 13 years of age. Users of the Site can choose from a variety of quizzes. Answering questions correctly rewards these users with digital 'beans.' Upon reaching certain victory thresholds, these users may decide to 'donate' these beans to charity. We then add up the number of beans 'donated' by all our users and convert this into a corresponding dollar figure. This money is then donated to a charity chosen at our discretion.

Prohibited behavior

All forms of automation (including but not limited to bots, scripts, and macros) are strictly forbidden on the site. We consider the use of bots to be an attempt to defraud our advertisers, and legal action may be taken. If you use any form of bot/macro/script to cheat the game, or if you have any form of adblocker enabled in your browser, your 'donated' beans will not be counted in our totals and will not be converted into a dollar figure for our charity donations.


In order to access all the features of the Site, you may need to have cookies enabled in your browser. We don't use cookies to store any personally identifiable or sensitive information, but we do use them to track the number of beans you 'donate.' Therefore, if cookies are disabled, your beans cannot be counted in our totals and will not be converted into a dollar figure for our charity donations.

Site content

The information including in the Site is meant for recreation only, not as a replacement for or supplement to standard instruction. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any information included on the Site, nor do we guarantee the accuracy of the information included in any of the sites we link to.

Advertising & funding

The Site relies largely on advertising to fund its donations to charity, supplemented by voluntary user donations and out-of-pocket expenses if necessary. We are not responsible for any ads that appear on the Site and do not endorse the companies that advertise on the Site. We are also not responsible for any ads that may appear the Site via error or malware viruses.

Accessibily disclaimer

The Site's homepage and information pages all strive to be in complete compliance with WCAG Guidelines. However, these guidelines are intended for standard web pages - not games. Therefore, many aspects of the game itself ( are not compatible with these guidelines without totally breaking its mechanics, core enjoyment, and purpose.


All materials on the Site (with the exception of the donation-screen gifs, plus the "What is this?", "Who is this?", "US States," and ASL Alphabet" images) as well as the organization and layout of the Site, are owned and copyrighted by Ethan Dirks and may be accessed or printed for your personal non-commercial use only. Without the prior written permission of Ethan Dirks, you may not copy, distribute or transfer any material on the Site, in whole or in part.

Terms of Service changes & contact

This terms of service is effective as of 5/18/2017. Changes to this terms of service will be posted here. We will not be actively contacting you with updates, so please check back frequently for any changes. If you have any questions about this terms of service, contact [email protected].