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You'll answer quiz questions to collect digital beans.

I'll donate to charities based on the amount you collect.

Together we'll help out the less fortunate in our communities.


Since BeanBeanBean's launch in 2017, more than 700,000 players across the world have donated 30+ million beans. So how does that work?

Confession time — I don't donate actual beans. However, I do I convert the 'beans' collected by players into a dollar figure. This cash value is then donated to charity.

Charities can purchase food at wholesale prices, so this is a much more efficient way of giving than by actually bringing beans to a food bank. For example, Feeding America can fund 10 full meals for only $1.

However, I don't just donate to food banks. I like to spread the giving out across a number of highly-rated nonprofits, including hospitals, natural disaster relief efforts, and other assorted charities.


Is BeanBeanBean legit?

Of course! This FAQ should cover most common concerns, but feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] if you have any additional questions.

What charities do you donate to?

Check out the 'Donation History' section above for proof of my donations. It's mostly highly-rated food banks, natural disaster relief efforts, and hospitals.

How do you decide how many beans to donate?

The current donation formula is: total beans collected by players - beans collected via adblock & bots ÷ 4000 beans per pound × $0.80 per pound = the cash amount I donate. This formula is subject to change based on fluctuating advertising revenue.

Do you make any money on this website?

Yes, I pay myself hourly — but only when actively working on updates for the site (I'm the sole developer).

Who pays for the donations?

I do. At first, it all came out-of-pocket. But now it's funded exclusively by advertisements.

What if I use an adblocker?

Definitely don't do that. Since this website is funded completely by advertising revenue, I don't count the donations of anyone using adblockers.

What if I use a bot / script to play the game automatically?

That's even worse! Not only do bots not contribute to the donations; they're considered 'invalid traffic' by Google and actually decrease my advertising revenue. Less advertising revenue means less money donated to charity.

Do I have to click 'donate' to donate my beans?

Yes. Your beans are only added to the donation totals if you press the 'donate' button on the goal screen.

If I get a question wrong, are my beans deducted from the donations?

Nope. If you get a question wrong, your beans aren't deducted from the donation totals. These 'lost' beans simply aren't added to the donation count.