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By playing BeanBeanBean, you're helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Until further notice, all donations will be made to the CDC Foundation. Thank you all, and stay safe!


You play a variety of online quizzes to collect delicious beans.

I donate to charities based on the amount of beans collected.

Together we'll help out the less fortunate in our communities.



Lots of people ask: do you actually donate beans? I used to think that was the best way to do things, but it makes much more sense to simply convert the amount of digital beans collected by players into a dollar amount. This dollar amount is then donated to charity.

Since charities can purchase food at wholesale prices, this is a MUCH more efficient way of giving then by actually bringing in beans to a food bank. For example, Feeding America can fund 10 full meals for only $1!

However, food aid for developing countries often hurts much more than it helps by decimating local farming economies. That's why I never donate to international food aid charities, instead focusing on US-based food banks, natural disaster relief efforts, and other assorted charities.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, until further notice I will be making out all donations to the CDC Foundation. So play a few rounds of BeanBeanBean – and if you're up for it – consider visiting the CDC's crowdfunding page to offer your direct support.


TOTAL BEANS 'donated' by players
MINUS beans donated via bots
MINUS beans donated with adblock
DIVIDED BY 2500 (beans per lb)
TIMES 0.8 (dollars per lb)
EQUALS the cash amount I donate


Do you actually donate beans?

No, the beans are just a fun visualization. As stated earlier, I convert the amount of beans 'donated' by players into a cash figure – which is then donated to charity. This is a significantly more effective way of maximizing each dollar.

If you answer a question incorrectly, are your beans deducted from future donations?

Nope! If you get a question wrong, I don't deduct your beans from my donation totals. That would be low-key evil. I simply don't count these beans when it's time to donate to a charity.

Who pays for the donations?

I pay for the donations, mostly through money earned by the advertising that appears on this site. Additional funding comes from players supporting this project via PayPal.

Can't I just run a bot, or enable an adblocker?

Do not use bots or adblockers when playing BeanBeanBean! This website is supported by ad revenue, so players who cheat the system with those methods will not have their beans counted.

Which charities do you donate to?

I donate to US-based food banks, natural disaster relief efforts, and other assorted charities. Check out the 'Proof of Donations' section above for details.